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Who We Are:

Julia Ann Hanrahan (Badger)

o   Accomplished quilter, leader, and teacher

  •   Artistic background and keen eye for fabric

  •   Practiced instructor with a proven leadership ability
  •   Has a heart for community improvement and growth

o   Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, with Graduate work

  •   Graduate Teaching Assistant
  •   Leadership Coach

o   Associate Director and leader in Chi Alpha Ministries for 20+ years

o   Mother of four children and 2 stepchildren

o   Raised in Helena, 1987 Capital High School Graduate

o   Daughter of Ralph and Sandee Badger

  •   Ralph owns a local small business, 30+ years
    •   Sandee is a Retired Educator

Buddy L. Hanrahan, MBA

o   Accomplished IT leader, small business champion

  •   Naturally mechanically inclined, can fix nearly anything

o   Master’s Degree in Business

o   Bachelor’s Degree in Advanced Networking

o   20 Year Air Force Career, Avionics Electronics Maintenance

o   State of Montana Computer Systems Supervisor

o   Owned and Operated two successful small businesses

o   Born and Raised in Helena, 1987 Capital High School Graduate

o   Son of Dean and Linda Hanrahan

  •   Both local small business owners for over 30 years