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HV Ankle


HV Bobbin - 10 pack


HV Braiding Guide


HV Candle Wicking Foot


HV Clear Stitch-In-Ditch Foot


HV Clear View S-Foot


HV Embroidery Template 100 x 170 mm


HV Hemmer 10mm


HV Hoop Ease 180 x 130


HV Hoop Ease 360 x 150


HV Marking Foot


HV Mega Hoop 360x150mm


HV Narrow Braid/Cord Foot


HV R Foot


HV Raised Seam Foot and Plate


HV Safety Needle Guard


HV Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot


HV Single Hole Stitch Plate


HV Single Hole Stitch Plate


HV Smooth Glide Foot


HV Spanish Hemstitch Foot


HV Specialty Candlewicking Foot


HV Stylus


HV Thread Velvet Decor 196


HV Transparent Blindstitch Foot D


HV Yarn Couching Feet Set


HV Yarn Couching Foot


Inspira Stabilizer Guide


Inspira Twin Wing Needle 130/705 H-Wing


Inspira Wing Needle 130/705 H-Wing